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    This is referenced in “The Ayling Story”. It was the name for a group of like minded researchers tracing the Ayling surname. Apparently, they did most of their work through the 1970’s mainly via the records of The Sussex Records Society. I have contacted many other Ayling descendants whose fathers or other relatives corresponded with Kenneth Ayling. It appears that many contributed their own personal family histories. The John Aylyng referenced in the 1478 land dispute was Kenneth’s ancestor. He made some mistakes on the lines down from there which have I’ve tried my best to correct on my tree “2014 Ayling Tree Sussex UK to Canada” at While the “Registry” was disbanded, probably soon after Kenneth pass away in 1983, the records are maintained by Kenneth’s son, Mike. The records are in storage and “inaccessible” at present. I have asked Mike to consider donating the material to the Sussex Family History Group for reference. However, my own research along with a number of other Ayling descendants has gone well beyond what Kenneth was able to put together in pre-internet days. I’ve posted as much material as possible here to hopefully make it a bit easier for a future Ayling researcher by having “Ayling” references in one place. As it turns out my line does intersect the Stedham/Woolbeding parish Ayling clan highlighted by Kenneth. I’m still clarifying the line as of December 2014 but should have the tree as good as it is going to get by early 2015. However, I am always interested in adding more to my tree or considering or reconsidering any potential errors. Drop me a line via reply to this post or via messaging.

    Chris Ayling
    Cranbrook, BC Canada

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