Welcome to the Ayling Story

The web site that follows is, as the title suggests, the story of the Ayling Family surname. It is a complete and exact transcription of a book of the same name, written by the late Kenneth Gordon Ayling, with a few minor alterations to correct spelling and some grammar. Certain other phrases have been changed (e.g. ‘book’ to ‘web site’) to bring it up to date with this modern electronic media.

I claim no credit whatsoever for its content or the enormous amount of research that must have gone into the original publication. I have obtained permission from Mr. Ayling’s family to reproduce his work and I feel that the information contained in ‘The Ayling Story’ is interesting and important enough to be published on the World Wide Web for anyone to access.

Even if you are not an ‘Ayling’, but merely interested in history and ancestry, I’m sure you will find ‘The Ayling Story’ a good insight into the way our ancestors lived, and how our surnames developed and flourished.

This website has a lot of information on it and, as a consequence, is very text-heavy. I apologise for that, but do think it’s worth the trawl through the pages to get a fuller understanding of the origins of the Ayling family name.

I have been contacted by dozens, maybe hundreds of Aylings world-wide over the years, all of them seeking more information on their family trees. Unfortunately, I am unable to help. To this end, I have started the Ayling Family Forum on this site, so like-minded Aylings can share their questions. Hopefully it will become a valuable resource for those researching the Ayling family name.


A note to all – Please realise I do not monitor this web site nor respond to any ‘can you do’ or ‘do you know’ requests. I know nothing more than what is here for all to read.
I have merely posted this information as a resource for other people to use. If you need to contact other like-minded Aylings or ask questions, please use the forum to do so.

I hope you enjoy reading the Ayling Story website.

Phil Ayling,
Nottingham, England. August, 1997
(Born Portsmouth 29th August, 1958)

The Ayling Story is available for free download in Adobe pdf format.